Friday, 30 January 2015

Media Role for Pakistan Education System

Media Responsibilities for Education in Pakistan

Media is an important source to promote importance of education in Pakistan. It has not fruitful history regarding this role for getting desired results. All channels are focusing political issues and have divided/selected political parties instead of playing neutral role. It needs to choose right track and improvement for betterment in future. All concern stakeholders should get agree on single platform and point out the weaknesses of our learning system. Both electronic and paper authorities should come forward to participate and deliver a strong message along with positive suggestions. Today, we are going to highlight some important points regarding learning structure in Pakistan and how media can address these issues for positive outcomes in future.

Measurement of Quality Education through all Media Channels

Pakistan News and Newspaper
Pakistan News and Newspaper
This is a big challenge for Pakistan, it is important to discuss how it can help out to produce quality learning all over the country. It is impossible without proper auditing and monitoring policy. One education system along with same syllabus must be introduced in all areas of the country. All ghost schools and quality teacher should be focused to measure its quality. This can be a big task for both teams to have surveys on it and provide feedback accordingly.

Initial Education Environment and culture

Home environment is the first learning point for a child. This is the main responsibility of parents to create good home environment for positive learning especially mothers can play an important role for this purpose. It should review its role to create awareness in society through all stations. However, some channels are trying to fulfill their responsibilities all over the country like GEO-Zara Sochiye.

Awareness of Technical and Vocational Education

This trend has increased throughout the history and all regular schools and organizations are getting interest to introduce their candidates/employees with new techniques through technical training  All channels are equally responsible to promote and identify the key performance of special institutions/training centers. Since millions of children are out of schools so it needs to enroll these children and increase no of training centers along with all required equipment all over the country.


Pakistan Education Flaws
Pakistan Education Flaws
It can play an important role to make good governance in this field. Millions of women are illiterate especially in rural areas and they are not allowed to go for getting learning and training.  It needs to have surveys and support the Govt. to make good governance all over the country. National security policy should be strictly followed to avoid terrorism and extremists attacks.

Monitoring Policy

Pakistan Education Budget
Pakistan Education Budget
Pakistan has poor education system due to having low GDP rate and other its flaws as compare to other countries of our region. Being a strong source, it should help to make strong monitory policy/auditing.

In the end we have to realize that Pakistan media is unable to play its role so far to make strong system in the country. This is the time to summarize and categorize the whole process and all stakeholders should come forward to play their role for betterment in future.


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