Thursday, 25 September 2014

Education and Poverty in Pakistan

Highlights of Poverty in Pakistan

The Poverty in Pakistan has become major issue, it is important to understand the basic reason of poverty in Pakistan and its effects on education in Pakistan system. Pakistan can’t deny this ground reality that millions of children are not going to school and million of mothers are unable to feed their children due to poverty. The poverty in Pakistan not only affects education system but also people living standards. The various reasons are to be found to increase ration of poverty in Pakistan as “Un-employment, Distribution of resources”.

Poverty in Pakistan
Poverty in Pakistan

Due to poverty in Pakistan millions of families are living under poverty line and can’t afford even basic education in Pakistan for their children and have to drop out during education in Pakistan, unable to pay fees and other responsibilities in other words millions of children have no access to get education in Pakistan as well. Although the government has constitutionally mandated free education in Pakistan, as stated by Article 25-A of the 18th Amendment in the Constitution, which reads, “The state shall provide free and compulsory educational to all children aged of five to 16 years..,” such promulgations are useless rhetorical charades until the state enacts a series of policies that directly target the specific reasons that prevent a child from attaining his or her constitutionally-mandated, non-negotiable right to a free education in Pakistan.

Monitoring the Education Policies

The Government should review the poverty in Pakistan and education in Pakistan policies because education and training are interlined with ratio of poverty in Pakistan, especially it needs to address in rural areas where girls are forced to stop educating. It has been observed that poor parents are taking help their children to spend seasonal farming or other work activities to face financial activities. Thousands of children have to go for crime due to situation of poverty in Pakistan.
Child Labor in Pakistan
Child Labor in Pakistan

Student Enrollment Rate

The Public education in Pakistan have bad situation in sense of student enrollment rates, in rural areas enrollment rates are decreasing with the passage of time each year and mostly it happens due to poverty in Pakistan. Millions of families are unable to spend extra coin. For example a poor family has to face suddenly an accident or emergency then may require a child to go for labor work instead of getting education in Pakistan and provide assistance accordingly, in such case child is going to take up new responsibilities for whole life.
Due to wrong distribution of financial resources and poverty in Pakistan, millions of families are unable to set their goals for future and prevent from any strategically planning. The true picture of poverty in Pakistan effects on education in Pakistan looks in internal Sindh and Baluchistan rural areas. Approximately above 90 percent children are not going to school in our tribal areas.

Role of Govt./NGOs/Educational Institutions/Media

Educational NGOs in Pakistan
Educational NGOs in Pakistan
In the end we are surprised to know that Pakistan has number of laws regarding protection of child rights and NGOs are working on it as well as on poverty but even then state has fails to deliver results accordingly. This is shocking for us that majority of people are living under poverty in Pakistan line then how it is possible to get education for all. Its responsibility of “The Government, Parents, NGOs, Educational Institutions and Media” to come forward and participate for children right of education in Pakistan. The Government will have to work for poverty policy because it is directly affecting education system in the society.


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