Monday, 19 January 2015

Pakistan Special Education and Deaf Children

Special Education for Special Children

Special education for special children has been provided since independence of Pakistan in 1947. This system has to face ups and downs throughout the history. Pakistan stands on 7th number of most populous in the world but 160th in literacy rate. Deaf children and special education have become challenge for Pakistan where already millions of children have to go for labor work instead of education. Millions of mothers are unable to feed their children due to poverty situation in the country. Currently, Pakistan has to face above 3% of disable people. By viewing such situation many questions may occur in minds under population pressure like, how a deaf child feels and thinks about his future? How he can get attention of society and parents? How he can play an important role for his country? The progress for special people was seen in different decades especially from 1,980 to 1,995. All stakeholders like Govt. of Pakistan, NGOs, Parents and Teachers played an important role for special people all over the country.

Special Education and Training Centers of Deaf Children

Special Education of Deaf
Special Education of Deaf
From 1,947 special schools and training centers have been opened for deaf children and treated separately. Since Pakistan has high illiteracy rate of population so all concerned stakeholders have different approach of behavior and treating methods to such individuals. Generally, all regular institutions avoid admitting the disable and deaf students. The management of regular schools thinks that they will have to arrange special arrangements like hearing tools, training centers and teachers for these students. They think that it is responsibility of special schools and training centers so avoid from disable children. The parents and teachers think that deaf individuals have low learning qualities so should be treated separately from normal students.

Instructional Approach for Deaf Children

Special Training of Deaf
Special Training of Deaf
Since Pakistan has poor education system, so instructional approach in general and special education not being effective. It has to been observed that most of teachers and parents never used “Sign Language” for special children. Similarly most of teachers avoid using cued speech in class rooms. It needs to use “Sign Language” at national level to help out in improving communication skills accordingly. The special schools and training centers are not in good position so that can introduce deaf students with new techniques and learning ways. The institutions are unable to purchase equipment and higher the trained teachers. Resultant  they are unable to provide fruitful results. Further, it has been observed that above 90% don’t have expensive hearing aids for this purpose.

General Perception about Special Education and Deaf Children

Pakistani society is not ready to provide positive response to deaf individuals. Generally, they don’t treat them as part of this society and think that all deaf individuals have low ability to survive in lives. Due to poverty situation and countrywide unemployment all disable people are looking like burden for society and should be treated separately by sitting Govt. Normally, parents are ready to attend their normal children and haven’t time for deaf children. They don’t have to attend meetings with teachers and follow instructions or guidelines for betterment as well. The organizations are not ready to have vacancies or special quota for these special candidates/applicants. They are offering only low grades at low salaries ignoring the qualities candidates.

In the end all stakeholders including NGOs should come forward and play an important role for all disable people.


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