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Trends of Technical Education & Information Technology

Essay on Technical Education in Pakistan

Today, human life is very easy and fast due to scientific methods and Information Technology, mankind has always been trying to create and discover something new ways of life by using technical mind. The "Technical Education" in Pakistan has always been important for economy and all its technicians are playing an important role in technical field as compare to other nations of the world.

Technical Environment in Institution
Technical Environment in Institution

 Now our institutions are struggling to produce brilliant minds by using information technology and new techniques. After getting degrees of engineering from technical education institutions students are providing solids results, we have an example of Pakistan Sialkot city where lot of technicians are working on large scale. The government and other stakeholders are equally responsible to expand this network County wide.

Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) is one of the best technical institutions of Pakistan and serving since long time. The foreign students are taking advantages from these institutions and getting degrees of engineers and technicians. The government centers are offering short term and long term technical courses and issuing certified diplomas. These institutions have experimental and practical resources so that students can do their research and experiments.

Advantages of Technical Education

The different companies are taking advantage of these technicians’ students and introducing new techniques in their manufacturing, production, strategies and decisions. We have to accept that without using new techniques organizations will suffer accordingly so by keeping view this fact business sector and the government are trying to develop good environment. Some companies have practice of doing technical training of their employees to get solid and good output in information technology and other departments.

Challenges for Technical Education in Pakistan

Technical education in Pakistan is suffering and has to face some problems as following.

v  In Pakistan learning and training centers have no as much facilities for students as should be.
v  Due to lack of faculty members and other arrangements in classes these institutions are facing same problems
v  Some learning points have not trained teachers who can introduce the students with new techniques.
v  The private centers are expensive so a poor child is unable to become a technician through private institutions.
Education budget in Pakistan
Education budget in Pakistan


v  The government should review the budget for this system and higher management should review the standards on regular basis.
v  To provide skilled teachers and improve abilities, training and technical sessions should conduct at organizational level for teachers with new techniques
v  There should be solid coordination process flow between management and students for good feedback
v  The management should conduct a survey and evaluation process to maintain the good standards country wide.
v  The companies should provide such environment to students so that their priority should to go for such knowledge after getting degrees/diplomas.
v  There should be struggle for participation of Private Sector in training activities at Management level.

Pakistan has to expand this network for strong economic structure and bright future. The government and other stakeholders should come forward to take this decision.


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