Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Trends of Vocational Training and Education in Pakistan

Importance of Pakistan Vocational Education- Training Centers

Vocational education and training have been played an important role to increase the individual production, profitability of employees and development expansion. Highly skilled individuals in specific field always considered as an asset for development of any country. Recent researches and paper analyses have proved and accepted the abilities of trained individuals through vocational education all over the country. It is most important if you want to join technical field as well. Since Pakistan education system is weak as compare to other countries of Asia so it needs to have trained individual’s service all over the country. Due to overpopulation situation in the country, millions of people are unemployed and organizations are not ready to bear fresh candidates. This trend rapidly changing day by day and leading companies or institutions have schedule of courses/programs.

The Role of NGOs for Vocational Training and Education

Vocational Training and Education Skills
Vocational Training and Education Skills
NGOs have a big role to promote this education and helping the Govt. to reduce unemployment ratio. All unemployed individuals should participate and attend seminars conducted by NGOs/Organizations to get development skills and employment. Individual can get technical skills for skill development and getting jobs with the help of NGOs. Being a big education stakeholder NGOs not only playing a solid role for revenue generation and productivity of skill development but also helping to reduce poverty ratio from all over the country. They are helping the candidates to fulfill the requirement of jobs.

The Role of Vocational Institutions and Training Centers

Institutional Role for Technical &Vocational Training
Institutional Role for Technical &Vocational Training
Since vocational education and training are important part of our education system, all institutions should participate to enhance their abilities accordingly.
v  These institutions should try to develop dynamics and learning structure all over the country.
v  The management must ensure and monitor the standards learning.
v  They should regulate the smooth process of examination and recruitment.
v  The quality education should be core objective of these institutions.
v  All institutions must ensure to have skilled teachers and upgrade their performance periodically.
v  They should have proper equipment/instruments to maintain their standards.
v  To enhance development skills, amongst all institutions must have close coordination and arrange meetings to identify the core issues.
v  The designed courses and programs must be in such a way that individuals can easily participate/admit to improve their skills.
v  These institutions must coordinate with other education stakeholders and try to promote it all over the country.
v  There should be proper evaluation and feedback system to avoid any issue.

Government Role for Vocational Education & Training

Pakistan Govt. Role for Vocation Training and Education
Pakistan Govt. Role for Vocation Training and Education
Pakistan Govt. is trying to improve the education system especially from 2001 and have started different projects for this purpose. Since millions of students are unable to get admission in private schools and colleges due to high expenses. Maximum institutions are offering short term courses from primary level to graduation with support of government. The government must also review the “National Education Policy” and specify the budget for this learning all over the country. It needs to open maximum training centers especially in rural areas to produce development skills.

In the end media should start a campaign to promote vocational education and its importance through all channels. The management of technical institutions should revise their policies to remove education flaws. The parents should focus and participate for their under graduate children instead of sending for labor work. 


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