Monday, 1 September 2014

Sex education in Urdu- Pakistani Girls

Sex in Pakistan

It is fact that educated people always make more money than uneducated and enjoying the life all over the world. Pakistan has been identified one of the highest illiteracy rates and pointed as 2nd name in the list of population of children out of school. Pakistan has rank 113th out of 120 countries of the world related literacy rate. By viewing this rate of illiteracy we are able to observe "Sex Education" in Pakistan. Most of the people in Pakistan are not aware and even the definition of Sex Education. Sex education is most important for every nation health and better future as well as for Pakistan nation.

Sex environment
Sex environment
Due to advancement of scientific methods and technology, human life can’t be treating only as an act of biology. Since we are living in scientific decades and ultimately have questions in our mind e.g. how and where do babies come from? If a girl suddenly starts bleeding in a seminar then what should do? A 16 years old girl gets married but was not educated even basics? as human beings we have sexual nerves in our nature, Wikipedia explain it as “Sex in Pakistan is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity, reproductive health, emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinence, and birth control. Common avenues for sex education are parents or caregivers, formal school programs, and public health campaigns”.


Sex Awareness in Pakistani Girls

From above statement I have come to know that it includes many emotions in “sex education” as well as human sexual attitude and behavior. Different countries have different sexual environment and sex education accordingly but in Pakistan it is found that young population is not aware about biological and psychological changes at the time of puberty so youngsters have to face problems. Approximately all religions have instructed about sex education and sexual behavior outside of marriage. It needs to be expanding the network of this broad term “sex education” to Pakistan young bodies and media, newspaper and television can play an important role for this purpose.


Source of Sex information in Pakistan

We are aware about that Pakistan youngsters feel guilty, puzzling while sharing sexual information with others and are confused about exploration, and they always want to find at least one secret source for this information because the parents, guardians don’t want to share their experience with them. But this has to be sure bearing cultural, religious values and sensitivities of people mind. The other group of Pakistan society concentrates that either sex education should be promoted or not because most of young boys and girls view and take this for negative use only, either sex education should be at school level or graduate only.

Sex activity reaction
Sex activity reaction


We are living in modern world and the purpose of our discussion is not to get youth more sexual and vulgar but at least they should have basic information about sex so that they can react accordingly in life instead of going to wrong way. Pakistan nation should have to face reality and should get sex education because due to illiteracy rate can’t afford longer to ignore it. We must have to promote sex education in the limit of religious and cultural values and have to change concept as “tauba tauba”. But after getting sex education youngsters should not be take and use it for negative purposes. The government and all other stakeholders should take the step of promoting sex education in society. 


  1. Sex education is the need of the time. It should be delivered. I support the author in this matter.