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Pakistan Educational Policies-National

Educational Policies and Nationalization in Pakistan - 1972

Every new government had new National Education Policy with different objectives throughout the history but unable to achieved all designed goals due to involving of political aspects. Pakistan has to face different challenges due to changing of learning policies throughout the history. The government was responsible to monitor and evaluate the performance of institutions. The major role was to ensure all programs completed within timelines. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) played an important role to make nationalize private institutions. This step was taken purely on political basis.

Education Policy of Pakistan - 1979

This was the first education policy after nationalization of institutions in Pakistan. The President of Pakistan called a meeting in Oct 1977 after changing the government in 1977 and new policy was announced in 1979 having following important features in presence of Pakistan Constitution.
v  All contents must be around the Islamic thought
v  All Islamic school must be introduced with new scientific techniques
v  Urdu language should/must be used as medium of instruction in all institutions/offices
v  The government will provide training opportunities for good work production
v  Technical training and learning must be focused
v  Establishment of new institutions along with quality training
v  Community participation must be ensured to increase the literacy rate
v  For women empowerment, separate schools/colleges must be established all over the country

The main objectives and goals of above policy were not implemented and achieved

Educational Policy in Pakistan -1992

Pakistan Education Policy 1992
Pakistan Education Policy 1992
The main features of this policy were as following:
v  All contents must be around the Islamic thought
v  Make it possible to increase enrollment of primary education by 2002
v  It was decided to increase literacy rate up to 70% by 2002
v  The role of teachers and learning process must be moderate
v  Mobilizing the community/media participation to promote early and primary learning
v  The government will appreciate to private sector and its participation in education programs
v  Vocational and technical skills must be focused at high school level
v  To make strong examination and admission procedure, National Testing Services (NTS) must be introduced which will be helpful to design merit base system all over the country.

Again the main objectives and goals were not achieved/ implemented due to involving of political interests; however following objectives were achieved positively in this policy.
v  To promote early and primary education along with quality.
v  School Management Committee (SMC) system was introduced at lowest level all over the country
v  Pakistani women were invited to play role in teaching profession
v  Quality teachers were focused and encouraged by providing them awards
v  By following the order of Supreme Count of Pakistan, student Unions were banned at university level

Pakistan National Education Policy (1998-2010)

The salient features of changing policies from 1998 to 2010 were as following:

v  It was decided to introduce all learning centers in light of Quran and Sunnah
v  Once again literacy rate was focused to increase up to 70% by 2010
v  Student enrollment was strongly focused to enroll 105% children by 2010 all over the country. For this purpose double shifts were started in existing schools.
v  In this policy secondary school level education also targeted and will try to increase participation from 31% to 48% by 2003.
v  Quality teachers were focused and all teachers must be trained and skilled so that they can introduce students with new scientific techniques
v  The government committed to expand at least 5% for higher education by 2010
Different challenges in other fields like Information Technology, Documentation Services, Innovation Programs, Monitoring and Evaluation system were targeted to face by 2010.


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