Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Role of Private and Public Sector-Education in Pakistan

Challenges for Public Sector and Private Sector- Pakistan Education

The Public and Private sectors have been able to provide good results of providing quality education all over the country, however it needs to continue the struggle. Pakistan has poor schooling system with poor standards due to changing of “National Education Policies” in different decades throughout history. Currently, we have a big challenge of increasing population ratio day by day and approx.75% people have low standards of living all over the country. The elite families have full control over resources and nation’s wealth. The nation has weak learning system due to having low GDP rate (2%) as compare to other countries of South Asia. Keeping in mind above all issues, what should be the role of public sector and private sector/community to improve our system/culture that is big question?

Government Role in Pakistan Education System

Realizing the schooling crises in the country the sitting government decided to address this sector periodically.
Govt. Role in Education in Pakistan
Govt. Role in Education in Pakistan
Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif has announced to increase GDP from 2% to 4% during coming 5 years and make it possible to produce quality all over the country. The government will try to develop such environment that poor families will have access to get training.  But the government also should provide subsidy in following areas.
v  Schooling fees
v  Books/ note books costs
v  Student and Teachers Training

Role of Community Organizations in Education in Pakistan

It must keep in mind that state can’t meet the challenges without cooperation of NGOs, Public Sector,
Role of Public Education Sector
Role of Public Education Sector
Private Sector and Community Organizations (COs) or Local Support Organizations (LSOs). It needs to address the major issues all over the country and then action is required with support of these organizations. These community authorities are playing an important role between people and the government. They are providing services such as financial, technical and managerial that helps people to get ride from poverty. They are trying to build a bridge between school management committees and local government to improve schooling system all over the country. Resultant, these communities are succeeding to build above 300K schools.  For example a LSO in Bahawalpur approached to
District Education Department resolve the issues faced by school teachers /students and succeeded to get approx. 1 Million for this purpose.

Private Sector and Public Education Sector

Private and Public Education
Private and Public Education
The performance of public and private schooling needs to be improved all over the country. Society is trying

to equal participate to make a strong system. For example, an educated former may have good production and can get social benefits, a literate person has knowledge about his rights and will follow the rules, and an educated woman will perform well in every field of life as compare to illiterate woman. The government should revise policies especially should design individual friendly policies.
Let’s have a look on performance of private education situation in the country. Since poor children have no access to these schools so, it needs to set policy for this schooling system by the Govt. These schools are not answerable to any government authority. They do not have training centers for teachers training to develop teaching skills. They are ready to charge full fees for period of summer session but not ready to develop teaching skills of their teachers and other faculty members.


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