Thursday, 18 September 2014

Challenges for Pakistan Teacher Education-Training and Development

Importance of Teacher Education and Training in Pakistan

Teacher’s education and knowledge is crucial and important in enhancing of student’s knowledge. All developed and less developed countries all over the world are trying to improve quality through capable educators with new techniques. Pakistan had to face such issues and now trying to create good environment for betterment in future, the quality depends upon the ability, knowledge, assessment and experience because we believe “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Current Challenges for Teachers in Pakistan

Teaching in Pakistan
Teaching in Pakistan
Due to poor culture and system, Pakistan has to face different challenges such as lack of process and consistent leaning policies throughout the history. Unfortunately the nation has to face different categories such as Islamic, Public and Private. The network of private system is expanding day by day. Public institutions are the main source to produce best and quality educators but should review the delivery mechanism.

The role of NGOs/Educational Institutions/Training Centers

NGOs in Pakistan Education
NGOs in Pakistan Education
NGOs are playing an important role to produce for this purpose all over the country. They are offering training centers and learning points to produce quality. The sitting government and media are supporting to NGOs/Donors which are producing trained schooling staff. In different decade’s reforms and innovations during education policies and environment, the Government of Pakistan has tried to develop such environment in form of Pre-Service programs with help of US-AID. These programs should be appreciated for improvement in society, however in all other areas it needs to take serious consideration and sustainability of new initiatives.

Steps need to be taken for Teacher's Education in Pakistan

v  The Public and Private institutions should make strong learning process by providing reference books and course outlines to faculty members. All institutions should provide training facilities to make strong system.
v  All institutions should expand the network of internet and computer skills to produce quality, so that they can learn and get training through videos and audios.
v  They should introduce new scientific techniques with help of IT department to produce quality to achieve upcoming goals.
v  All Public and Private Institutions should monitor and review the teacher’s ability and teaching approach/techniques/methods during class time on regular basis to improve accordingly.
v  The Higher Management of all institutions should have a review and monitor the instructions/process flow is being followed by all staff members to maintain the education policy standards.
v  It needs to have such collaborative environment/training centers of Public and Private institutions that staff members of all level can participate and get benefits from training seminars according to their skills(training schedule and participants should be declared monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis).
v  All faculty staff themselves should make strategies to educate students according to policy.
v  It needs to have good job opportunities so that they can perform well.

The Educators
The Educators
All above issues and suggestions should be addressed during management meetings to have one education system all over the country, quality for students, improvement/ betterment in future.


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