Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Free Online Education in Pakistan

Online Education in Pakistan- Computer Science

Free online education courses are equally participating to improve Pakistan’s current culture. Since we are running with new scientific techniques and methods so should take its benefits. Some institutions are providing facility of admissions for this purpose along with low tuition fee. It has been found that we are facing appalling situation because of having incapable teachers or not taking serious to educate children. However, technology has been resolving this issue and providing better solution in other words tutors are available at door step.

Here we shouldn't forget about University of People serving to provide undergraduate, higher degree programs free of cost with new techniques and technology for individuals all over the world. Courseware and Udacity are one of the best such platforms and have opened doors for nations by utilizing technologies to develop knowledge-based economy of the 21th century.
Computer Courses
Computer Courses


Institutions and Training Centers

 “Allama Iqbal University” is located in Islamabad but offering different types of such services and has regional centers network all over the country. In collaboration with international universities, AIOU is offering many programs related different fields. If we go back to review the history of AIOU then would be able to know that in 1,999 started Diploma in Computer Science and in 2001 “Open Learning Institute of Virtual Education was approved. It has been decided to prepare material of diploma/semesters and development started gradually, from 2002 to 2003 it decided to conduct classes at main campus, Lahore, with the passage of time tried to reduce material cost.

Similarly “Virtual University” is providing same services through semester system and short term diplomas. The university helping its students time to time by providing handouts, DVDs of all lectures and other training materials. Keeping in view the trend to go abroad for studies and increasing in degree attestation demand “The Higher Education Commission (HEC)” is trying to facilitate to institutions, higher learning and general public through this system for degree attestation. For example we can get benefits of HEC scholarship or jobs by just logging www.das.hec.gov.pk and creating profile.


Approach to worldwide System

Online Education in Pakistan
Online Education in Pakistan

Here we shouldn't forget another example of 13 years old Pakistani girl Khadija who attended a local school in Lahore. She participated of doing 1st online course from Udacity and managed to complete it with highest distinction. She was recently interviewed by New York Times columnist Tom Friedman at World Economic Forum 2013 at Davos, Switzerland and represented her country all over the world in this field. During her session sponsored by Victor Pinchuk Foundation Khadija was the featured guest. She was joined on stage at WEF by Bill Gates, Larry Summer.


The quickest and the most cost-effective way to access to get knowledge at all levels are through free electronic study centers, colleges and universities. Students can take classes sitting at homes in our country. The government and all stakeholders should focus on our rural areas to promote electronic knowledge and case studies. Further, there should be special training platforms for teachers so that they can introduce students with new technology and techniques.


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