Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Importance of Education in Pakistan-Knowledge is Power

Essay on Education in Pakistan-Speech 

 “Mom, I don’t want to go to school” The statement is painful and harsh for parents. Knowing the importance of education in Pakistan, millions of children are out of schools and have to go for labor work. Even though the government, parents, teachers and media are trying to focus on its awareness in all over the country. We should believe in Knowledge is Power and promote for betterment of our future. On the other hand religion Islam has strongly focused on its importance for human development as our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has expressed as

v  To get knowledge is compulsory for men and women
v  Get knowledge from nursery to grave

Our system is being overlooked and monitored on both the provincial and federal level, according to our Constitution under Article 25-A, its responsibility of government to provide free and quality education in Pakistan falling under age 5 to 16 years.

Beyond the Marks/Grades

Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
It is common concept in our society that a student having good marks is considered an intelligent and brilliant but it need to know how he has passed and got these marks. The importance of education in Pakistan will be realized when he will go for research or practical, so we should focus especially on quality instead of just passing marks and getting grades. Unfortunately our institutions and training centers are based on corruption so need to be getting rid of it on urgent basis.

Career Build

Career Building
Career Building
The different institutions have story and are playing an important role to build their student careers and trying to provide quality resources accordingly. It helps to develop career after getting degree or diploma from government and private institutions. The companies are looking for brilliant students for their manufacturing and production strategies and decision making. It will show the right way to go forward for career advancement in society, once student has good background can grow his/her career easily with handsome salary package. Some students are interested to focus on technical training for their own business and serving accordingly.

Character Build

Education means training of moral and character development of human personality, our schooling system not only building career of people but also helping to grow their character; a qualified person has ability to solve problems under pressure with the help of social skills. It is providing power of decision making under different environment and culture. The government and media are trying to work together for building training and development centers in society.

Time Counter

Time Restraint
Time Restraint
It helps to manage all things within calculated time frame e.g. If I have given an assignment which has to be returned within 10 days but I have no ideas, ability then will be unable to finish my assignment within given time period. If a student is looking himself at CEO position and doing struggle continuously then it will provide the right direction to set his goals within 10 years.


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