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Public and Private School Education in Pakistan - Educators

Current Private and Public School Education-Pakistan

I believe on the statement “Education for all” but sometime little bit confused on believing it because unable to give answers of some questions such as a) Are all children going to school?  b) Has the state a strong learning system? c)  Has the nation one education system? d) Are we trying for betterment in future? Are our institutions providing quality? We have to realize that the nation has poor education system as compare to other countries of this region. Millions of children are not going to schools and have to go for labor work. The nation has divided into two major categories (Private schools for rich people and Public schools for poor people).

Supporters of Private Educational Institutions in Pakistan

Private School Education
Private School Education

First, it has been observed most of parents believe and argument that “Private Institutions are successful by providing following features but Public have failed.
v  Good Results
v  Good Facilities
v  Discipline
v  Student Personality
2nd I had to attend father’s day at my son’s private school and listened speech of Chief Guest (a politician) against public culture/system (in the end all participant clapped). I came back to home and tried to know the reason for, why these people trying to divide our learning system? Why these people are looking their institutions as business point of view instead of educating? Why today’s parents don’t want to send their children for government schools, most probably they want to listen as “Dad and Mom” instead of “Abu and Ami”. These parents are trying to underestimate “Urdu” language and giving importance to “English”. It is common understanding that an English medium student from private school is considered more intelligent (even if English student has not knowledge).

Weaknesses of Private School Education or Schooling in Pakistan

Corruption involved in Private Shooling
Corruption involved in Private Shooling
The most painful thing that no resolution has been passed or the government policy for private system in Pakistan. For example, if I want to open a private education school then no certification is required, I just need business point and faculty members to start my business. I will do try to public as much as I can and will earn accordingly. After 10 years I will be able to have a political statement as “My School has a standard” in other words middle and lower class children wouldn't be allowed to enter because only high class people will be able to pay all dues and expenses. I will have strong position and understanding with concern board administration/faculty members (involved in sense of corruption) so would be able to get results according to my desires. Resultant,
v  I will earn as much as I want
v  Board administration (involved members in corruption) will also earn
v  Parents will satisfy with results
v  Not have Quality

Role of Government for One Education System in Pakistan

Let's discuss interesting ground realities and other side of picture.
Govt. Role for Education System in Pakistan
Govt. Role for Education System in Pakistan
From 1947 we have experience of different national education policies, the every new government has changed the direction of these policies and the poor administration of public schooling is unable to run accordingly. The teachers are unable to run with new scientific techniques so they should be trained. They have their own tuition centers/ academies to earn other than salaries.


We have some suggestions for one education system in Pakistan
v  The government should increase GDP at 4% to meet goals
v  It needs to expand network of public institutions/ schools in rural areas along with urban
v  The NGOs and all stakeholders should try to re-open all public schools which have affected and during terrorist attacks. Parents should send their children to these institutions
v  The government should take action against private learning system and pass resolution accordingly.
v   Pakistan media should play an important role to promote one education system
v  All teachers should be trained so that they can introduce all students with new scientific techniques.


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