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Co-Education system in Pakistan

Co-education environment

Co-education system in Pakistan is an advanced concept, it was initially introduced in Switzerland and later on it spread to different nations also. It is popular in vocational institutions only in Pakistan.

Co-Education in Pakistan
Co-Education in Pakistan
There are two schools of thought which vary in their perspectives about co-education system in Pakistan. One group favors co-education; it includes the individuals who are taught in the western environment. According to them co-education system should adopt in our schools, colleges and universities by viewing ground realities that our nation is poor, immature and has not facilities as well. We can't open separate schools, colleges and universities both for the young boys and young girls. In this way there may have a mature environment also. It’s extremely some problems for the Government to open separate professional universities and manage these accordingly with important experimental places and libraries.

In Pakistan education system, we have specialized and technical teachers to teach the boys and girls in the same institution. There are also disadvantages of co-education system in Pakistan, may both boys and girls wasting their time during activities unrelated to studies. It should be tolerate at primary level instead of intermediate classes. There are groups in our nation who against co-education system and training at all level. At young stage boys and girls are blameless, they like to play together, live together and together. Since Pakistan education system has not many facilities in educational institutions and can’t afford separately as well.

Supporter's of Co-education

The supporters of co-education system and training additionally say that in this culture boys and girls have chance to come closer with each other, and  would give a chance to the boys and girls to see one another. This would be extremely useful for them in future life. It would additionally be useful for the advancement of the nation. Yet at the same time there is an opposite side of the picture, actually the supporters of co-education are talking of its benefits in such all ways; everybody who has gone to even a few schools and schools realizes that these institutions are awfully covered.

Effects of Co-education

Education in Pakistan
Education in Pakistan
It is the responsibilities of "The teachers, parents, management of education institutions and the government" to review and check the activities of students on regular basis and confirm they are not involving in wrong activities. Some contend that co-education system prompts indiscipline and this perspective can't be bearable in our society. Discipline intimates the standards and behavior of institution, as our social environment is still solid, young boys and young girls at the optional school level don't frequently enjoy demonstrations of genuine indiscipline. The genuine motivation behind why some individuals help co-education system in Pakistan is that they like western society. They need to be more English that English on the grounds that West has co-institutions so they must have it. At the same time we need to consider whether our religion, our society and our circumstances allow us to co-education system and training.


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