Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Online Business Education of Pakistan-MBA

Trends of Online Business Plan &Education

The degrees of BBA and MBA in Pakistan are being offered in same style with contents in the western countries but little bit different challenges have to face by institutions and students. However online business culture in our country is also playing an important role as well as in Western countries. Globally, different countries have special criteria and degrees in this regard. Under pressure and lack of entrepreneurial culture students are performing well and have good exporting figure like cotton at large scale, however it needs to be improvements with the passage of time.
Pakistan Youth
Pakistan Youth

Due to lack of entrepreneurial culture most of students having degrees of MBA in Pakistan are waiting and running for jobs, only few are focusing to stand at their own and trying to develop online business culture in the county. The government and other stakeholders are unable to produce fruitful results; they should come forward to create such environment for graduate students.

Benefits of BBA/MBA

Another class of students is in favor of stand at their own instead of surviving in the job, for this purpose they always focus to do BBA, MBA and other degrees. By getting these degrees an individual can start at small scale level with new techniques, ideas and training. The students have creative minds for good manufacturing and production so are able to play an important role especially in “Marketing and Finance”. They are able to target their customers easily as well.

The Role of Educational Institutions

Some institutions of are interested to expand this fields with quality figure, they are going to offer degrees in MBA, BBA, technical, economics and other science subjects. By taking the advantage of brilliant minds of students institutions are affiliating with higher level and expanding their networks. In such a way management can expand the network of such environment and strategic, planning and leadership.

Business educational institutions
Business educational institutions
They are also offering short term courses along with long term programs executive training e.g. Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) is one of the best such institution which producing good business minds in Pakistan. The Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) is the second best institution and its higher priority is to research in different such fields, the others are also playing an important role in economy like IBA Karachi, which is providing solid level of credibility in market areas and is in line of best schooling.

Challenges/Problems to Online Business education

Here we shouldn't forget the problems and challenges for this education in Pakistan which as following.
v  The student has have to work at lower salary package.
v  The institutions have shortage of other facilities like library center, training sessions and faculty members.

The government and other stakeholder are equally responsible to promote such degrees and diplomas in the country for betterment in future. All students should introduce with new scientific techniques and methods and important to provide equal chances for research in economic matters at all level.


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