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Challenges for Women Education in Pakistan - Pakistani Girls

Women Empowerment-Pakistani Girl's Education

    Pakistani Women Education has strong role in improving our system and culture, but still have to face pressure in different decades from 1947 directly and indirectly. We have observed that near 62 percent girls are out of school as compare to boys 27 percent. The government and other stakeholders are struggling at different platforms for female education /wrights in the country. They are performing well to make strong role in economy and other fields of life. In this article we will discuss about standard and different education barriers in Pakistan for females.

    Importance of Women Education

Women as Leader
Women as Leader
  In Islam a woman has full right to get education and there should not be any restriction at all levels. Any human society can’t suffer without mental development of females. It is very important to connect social relations on the basis of equality with others. A society is responsible to provide quality learning and training opportunities to children.


   Pakistani Girl's Education and Literacy Rate

  The problems of women’s education started with independence of Pakistan in 1947. It has been observed increasing literacy rate at 49 percent by 1992 for boys but was just 22 percent for girls but fast increment after 2000. According to UN survey in 1990 only 30 girls of primary schools were present out of every 100.

    Economic Benefits through Female Education

Women's role in economy
Women's role in economy

     Today a large number of females are working in different sectors, industries and have significant impact on economic development by providing desired results. They should provide all opportunities to offer services in all fields of life by ignoring gender inequality in society.


    Barriers to Women’s Education in Pakistan

   There are various barriers in Pakistan as following.
v  In rural areas they are considering as an asset and males have right to take decision about their lives.
v  Poor families are unable to afford and send their girls to get education due to poverty and social values.
v  Millions of girls are out of schools due to family pressure
v  Parents are preferring boys on girls.
Women issues in Pakistan
Women issue in Pakistan

    The gender discrimination is course for Pakistan and creating many problems. Recently, we have an example of Pakistan’s brave daughter “Malala Yousaf Zai” who fought against extremists and terrorists. Some areas like FATA, North Waziristan and other parts of KPK are affected through terrorism. The girls are threatened by extremists and terrorists; they are not allowed to go for training even for shopping. From 1947 in different decades maximum girl’s schools have destroyed during terrorism and extremism in these areas.

     Suggestions to improve Female Education in Pakistan

    After analyzing situation of in Pakistan, we conclude that government; society and NGO’s have to come forward to take this matter on priority. By viewing the background, standards and barriers to education we want to suggest following steps for all concern stakeholders


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