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Flaws of Pakistan Education System

Introduction to Pakistan Education

      Pakistan Education System is weak as compare to other countries in the region and have to joint struggle to move forward. From 1947 Pakistan education system is facing problems in all decades but little bit have been solved. By William Butle Yeats “Education is not the filling of pail, but the lighting of a fire” and “The whole purpose of education is turn mirrors into window” by Sydney J. Harris. There are various reasons of flaws of Pakistan Education System, in this article we will discuss that reasons and try to provide best suggestions accordingly so that have a stronger education system in Pakistan as we believe on “Education for All".
    We should have keep in mind the following point for stronger Pakistan Education System.

    Basic Education System in Pakistan   
Basic Education in Pakistan
Basic Education in Pakistan

    It is most important the awareness of basic education in the society, for this purpose media can play an important role. The ratio of Primary enrollment can be increase by starting this campaign e.g print and electronic media can spread this message in rural areas also. The most important is to aware the importance of women education as Pakistani women are playing an important role in every field of life. We would be shocked to know that near about 7 million children are not going to school in primary stage. However Pakistan has a plan to spend at least 4 to 5 percent of GDP on education system

    Public Education in Pakistan

    The Governments of Pakistan in every decade have failed to groom the standard of “Public education schools” as well as system. Due to high level of corruption in all departments of education, students are unable to get quality education in public schools. The administration is not performing well and accountability is missing at all levels. As we well aware about it that many of Pakistan’s government schools have closed in our rural areas especially. By analyzing we found following flaws in Public schools.
·      The teachers of government schools are not properly prepared and much qualified; due to these flaws they can’t deliver a good message and introduce the students with new scientific techniques.
·       The teachers not concentrate and treat to each student equally in the class, due to this behavior student feel underestimate.
·         The government is not ready to spend or increase GDP ratio on education system.
·         The students of government schools have not many facilities like library, Practice or training centers.
·     The children of rich people are going to “Private Schools” instead of “Government Schools” due to low education system.
·       Due to low education standard in government schools, student would not be able to participate in competition of life.

Private Sector Education System in Pakistan

The private education sector is little bit providing good and quality education to the students as compare to government schools. The private education sector is most important factor in improving of “Pakistan Education System”. The private education sector is struggle in terms of increasing no of schools and facilities for betterment of education standard in Pakistan. However there are also some flaws in private sector education system as follows.
·         Due to much expensive schools only rich families are going to private schools so, need to discourage this concept.
·         The administration of private sector treats the education as a business so parents have to pay accordingly.
·         Most of the teachers are not well trained but getting good salary so unable to introduce the student with new techniques and training
·         The private education sector is not willing to compete the global standards
·         Due to co education system in private sector adults are taking interest each other and wasting their times instead of education.

      Poverty affects on Pakistan Education System

Labor Child in Pakistan
Labor Child in Pakistan

     Another big flaw of Pakistan education is “Poverty” that bound the parents to send their children to go to schools.  We have already discussed that millions of children are not going to schools and millions of mothers are unable to feed due to this course. To reduce the poverty ratio all participants e.g. The Government, NGOs, Private and Public Sectors should come forward and try do some thing.


     By analyzing the “Pakistan Education System” we are now able to conclude that Pakistan education system is weak as compare to other countries in the region and has to do some bold steps to provide quality education.
·         The government should increase GDP level as much as possible
·         There should be equal opportunity for women to perform well in this field
·         Private schools should not be much expensive so that poor child can go that private schools also
·         The teachers should be well trained and educated  so that can deliver lectures properly
·         The number of students in the class should be according to capacity of class room so that teacher can attend to each student properly
·         The government and other institution should come forward to reduce poverty line in the country.


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